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Servers & Storage

We take pride in providing our clients with cutting-edge server and storage hardware solutions. We offer an extensive range of options from renowned brands like Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Lenovo. These industry giants are known for their superior quality and innovative technology in the field of server and storage solutions. By partnering with these brands, we are able to deliver the latest hardware offerings, ensuring that our clients have access to top-of-the-line infrastructure to meet their business needs. Whether it's high-performance servers, scalable storage systems, or advanced networking solutions, we have the expertise and resources to provide the ideal hardware solutions for your organization.


We are committed to offering our clients the latest networking hardware and solutions from esteemed brands such as Cisco, Juniper, and MikroTik. These industry leaders are recognized for their expertise in developing cutting-edge networking technology. By partnering with them, we ensure that our clients have access to a wide range of reliable and high-performance network devices that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. Whether it's robust routers, switches, firewalls, or wireless access points, we have the capability to provide the ideal networking hardware solutions to optimize your organization's connectivity and support your digital infrastructure. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your networking needs, design a customized solution, and deliver and implement it with efficiency and expertise.


We strive to provide comprehensive communication solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our offerings include the latest communication hardware such as IP phones and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems from renowned brands like Cisco, Snom, Yealink, and Fanvil. These industry-leading brands are known for their innovation and reliability in the field of telecommunication solutions. By partnering with them, we can offer a wide selection of high-quality IP phones and feature-rich PBX systems that enable efficient and seamless communication within businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the most suitable communication hardware and designing a customized solution that aligns with your organization's requirements. With Nova, you can rest assured that you will have access to cutting-edge communication technology designed to enhance productivity and collaboration.

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Featuring the Wi-Fi 5 standard (IEEE 802.11ac) for the 5 GHz band, this dual band Wi-Fi solution makes optimal use of the radio spectrum. With its optimized antenna configuration, the DGA0122 enables even higher throughput and better coverage over the much less crowded 5 GHz radio. At the same time, it guarantees uninterrupted transmission of data services over Wi-Fi 4 (IEEE 802.11n) using the 2.4 GHz band.

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Built for business, with business-critical versatility The versatile, highly reliable 1U ThinkSystem SR630 2P rack server is designed to handle most data center workloads, from IT infrastructure and HPC to cloud and hyperconverged.
Built for business, with business-critical versatility Confidently deploy performance-driven, industry-leading in reliability and security enhanced SR630 V2 for cloud, analytics, virtualization or gaming.
Powerful, compact, and affordable first server A compact, affordable, performance optimized entry tower for growing businesses, remote/branch offices, and small/home offices.
A 2S/1U rack server powered by two AMD EPYC 7003 series CPUs, the ThinkSystem SR645 features standout 1U configuration flexibility to handle critical hybrid data center workloads such as virtualization and database.
Enterprise power for your growing business Ideal server for expanding businesses looking for enterprise-level power in an easily-managed tower form factor.
Enterprise performance and flexibility. Compact footprint. ThinkSystem ST550 is a 4U tower server that provides the performance and reliability you expect from the data center, delivered in a package optimized for office environments.
Powerful 1U server for your evolving needs The ideal single-socket 1U rack server for growing businesses offering power, reliability, and flexibility for space constrained installations.
Powerful, compact, and affordable first server A compact, affordable, performance optimized entry tower for growing businesses, remote/branch offices, and small/home offices.
The Dell PowerEdge R650xs is designed to meet a specific set of requirements for medium-duty workloads with enterprise-class performance and capabilities.
The Snom D7C is the most modern expansion module to date for the D785, D765, D735 and D717 telephones. The D7C features a high-resolution colour display with a completely redesigned user interface. Connected to a Snom phone via USB, the Snom D7C adds another large screen and many useful functions to many Snom phones. With the help of the 16 physical (48 virtual) freely programmable LED function keys, for example, the status of colleagues can be quickly recognised and the corresponding number can be dialled or a call forwarded. If the corresponding line or the LED function line lights up green, the colleague is available and can take a call.
The perfect addition to the Snom D715, D725, D765 or D785 the Snom D7 expansion module offering an extra 18 multi-colour BLF keys, ideal for speed dialing across offices and for seeing the call status of your colleagues.
Increase the available function keys on D3xx phones with USB port, allowing users to manage a large number of extensions and calls. The D3 Expansion Module provides an additional 18 multicolored LED keys that can be programmed for functions such as line, speed dial, busy lamp field and presence indication. A multicolored LED key presents call or presence status, and the high-resolution display provides a visual interface that can be easily configured and labelled via the phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself. The D3 connects to the telephone using a USB cable and up to three D3 expansion modules can be daisy-chained to provide 54 function keys.